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Kate Ellison's Art

Kate has drawn, painted, and made things out of pretty much anything lying around since she acquired motor skills. At age nine, she decided to abandon all other pursuits to become an actress, but stumbled her way back into art-making in high school where she started making her own clothes, primarily out of scraps of fabric and safety pins (it wasn't necessarily the most precise process). It was in high school, too, that she learned the delicate arts of charcoal, India ink, canvas-stretching, gesso, oils, and the importance of keeping a pen and sketchbook on one's person at all times.

Sometime in college, Kate began to experiment with jewelry-making, testing several different materials and processes before settling on the humble, age-old delights of shrinkable-plastic, colored pencils, and high-glaze finishing. She plans to keep drawing, making things, and learning new ways to create until her brain shuts down and her hands fall off.

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